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When I first took over Chapter AZ-P, I knew I had BIG shoes to fill.  Sandy Gaston had been Chapter Director for a LOONG time.  I’ve been a member of GWRRA since 2007 and was a CD for Chapter CA1A in California for 3 years.  But I’ve never heard of someone with such a long tenure.  During the years that I’ve been a member of Chapter AZ-P before becoming CD, I learned a lot from Sandy and I thank her for that.

AZ-P “had” a reputation – “That chapter doesn’t ride!!”  My plan – we’re going to change that!  After all, what brought us together??  The love of riding our beautiful motorcycles!  I’d heard that “they don’t ride” several times when I’d approach a Gold Wing riders asking if they’d like to join AZ-P.  

We have a great Ride Coordinator in Clyde Pruett and have many others with ideas for rides.  Eventually, I’d like to see us ride at least once a week.  But we’re starting slow… and we have a lot of NEW people contributing ideas.  Last Family Gathering, we had a discussion of what people want for a ride; i.e. long or short, temperature for a ride, where to, how often, speed, etc.  Great discussion and lots of input.  We’re going to put that input to work and RIDE!

We’re not the ‘traditional’ chapter that holds a yearly event (that was a change for me coming from being CD for CA Chapter CA1A), but Sandy initiated a “Dining To Donate (D2D).”  We go to a restaurant that has agreed to ‘kick back’ X% of money (usually 10%) to us based on what we spend and that keeps our coffers – and our tummies – full!  ��  In addition, we have a regular Dining Out with restaurants in Prescott, Prescott Valley, Cottonwood, etc.  

We’re always looking for others to join.  As I said, we’ve increased our membership lately and look forward to more.  If YOU have questions about our chapter, please feel free to CALL or EMAIL me.  I’m retired and am ‘usually’ available.

Look forward to hearing from YOU!


Gary & Dee Bowers
Chapter Directors

AZ-P Prescott Pronghorns

Gold Wing Road Riders Association
Cell:  661-435-6526 

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