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Native Grill D2D Dinner March 6, 2018

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Picture of Jane Neville holding our Ride4Kids Award for 2015.  It is our 12th year in row of raising $1000 or more for this great cause.


Motorcycle Roads (America's Best Guide to Motorcycle Roads and Rides)

 Ron Neville's Western US Trip


Day 1 - Didn't plan it, but rolled into East Bay (Oakland) that evening after 835 miles (long day). That's after missing 2 turns I should have made, so did see some unplanned country. Recall the President talking about the need for infrastructure and now heartily endorse that feeling. The roads in California were for the most part absolutely brutal and drivers about the same. Some road construction, probably to dig a car or truck out of some giant hole in the road. Weather was hot so had to run the A/C quite a bit (takes its toll on mileage). and my MPG ran the range from 25 to 40, depending on speed, wind, using the A/C.

Day 2 - East across the state (Highway 40) and over the Sierra Mountain range (awesome), peaked at over 8300 feet (Ebbetts Pass) and the last 40-50 miles very taxing. The road narrows to about a land and a half with many, many switchbacks and its a challenge to meet a big truck and to negotiate the pass, especially on the turns. Another hot day and finally arrived in Nevada. Then headed north and spent the evening in Susanville, only about 350 miles on Day 2.

Day 3 - Continued North through some beautiful countryside and entered Oregon at Klamouth Falls. Just North is Klamouth Lake which has to be one of the largest lakes ever encompassing tens of thousands of acres. Another nice day arriving early afternoon in Bend (daughters home). Visited the rest of the day so only another 350 miles or so.

Day 4 - Headed east towards Idaho, kind of a nothing ride until the last 40-50 miles where I encountered some hill country and gently rolling turns. Began to encounter some weather in Idaho and did a little dodging to miss the various thunderstorms. Reports later that day talked about flash flooding in areas. Thankful again for the A/C and some the roads were decent, but work needs to be done! Ended the day just north of Utah after about 450 miles.

Day 5 - South into Utah and finally got on Rt. 89 (been there, done that) which is always a great ride; planned to camp on the north rim but spent the day dodging storms and pretty good rain upon arrival there, so just headed on home; 700 miles plus.

Pictures: Not so much as already have traveled a lot of this country and have a good catelog of photos, but a couple are attached. Packed and ready to go, state park in Oregon, and a couple of the storm clouds that surrounded me on my journey.

Clothing: Very thankful for the wet vest and also used the arm covers extensively; be sure to wear your gloves and cover with sun tan lotion.

Some Pet Peeves: Besides the deplorable roads; idiots that pull out in front of you then proceed to travel well under the speed limits; first time drivers in rented RV's that don't have the sense top pull over.

Also noted very little chatter on the C/B, think I was tuned to the channel they use but not much conversation.

That's all, Ron


Iron Butt (Rally)- An entire association was created called the Iron Butt Association -- 1000 miles in 24 hours yields a Saddle Sore 1000 - Bun Burner is 1500 in 36 hours, Bun Burner Gold is 1500 in 24 hours. The Iron Butt Gold Is 10 days x 1000 miles each day - consecutive. The challenge for this award is run every other year.